Grant Writing, the Basics

What is grant writing or as some people call it funding underwriting?

Basically it’s the proper proposal to submit with your grant application to make you stand out from your fellow potential grantees.

After finding that perfect grant that meets your business, you will need to put together a pitch that will tell the funding administration that you deserve the funding more than others. This pitch should be clear about your business needs and objectives and how will you use the funding in positive ways. An effective pitch acts as a doorway to your businesses desires and milestones that you want to achieve. The more ellaboratet the proposal, the greater the chances are that you will be picked for the grant. When writing a grant pitch, please keep in mind these basic points:

Two types of documents will need to be included in your pitch.

The letter of intent is the first. A letter of intent is a condensed summary of your business projects and the goals that will be met through it. The needs of your business must be highlighted, with the positive impact your organization will have on the economy once you receive the funding.

The second document is the actual grant proposal that describes your project in full detail, with all milestones, requirements, planning, that will be met with the funding gained from the grant fund. This letter can be as long as ten pages, and include a cover letter. The body of the proposal should contain, objectives, goals, forecasts, with a proper legend/table of context and appendices.

All funding agencies, have a particular criteria set in what they would like to see in the grant applicant winner. The actual fund details will give you a better sense of how you should write your letter and what criteria you should highlight more.

After your application is submitted with your grant proposal, be prepared to be interviewed, or provide past company records for any financial items highlighted in your proposal. DO NOT LIE, you will get caught and most likely blacklisted for future applications.

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