Ask Canadian Business Publishers: What is Capital?

In simplest terms, business capital is money in any form, either liquid or non-tangible. As a business, this money is used to not only buy goods or services, but is used to maintain or improve operations or purchase assets in any form.

Business Capital can come in multiple forms. The forms that it usually takes within the business domain are debt and equity. A business debt incurs either a loan or other types of credit that must be repaid at a point in time with interest, either paid in a lump sum or installments. Business Equity on the other hand, may not have any pre-requisites or obligations to pay back. What equity usually means is that the business investments traded for business ownership or stocks. Other forms of Equity can come in the form of government or institutional grants. These usually do not have to be paid back, but require certain criteria that are applied to the expenditure of the fund.

Business Capital is the framework for any success in any business. If a business has remotely easy access to it has a leg up on the competition and a great overall advantage in the business world.

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